I don't mean the creepy, crawling, flying kind.  I mean the more DEADLY kind.  The kind that will bite you when you LEAST expect it.  Once they "bite," only then do you scratch your head and wonder how it happened? 

The worst thing about these bugs is that they can be found in your home, office or car. And, they are so tiny, in most cases, that they are hard to detect with the naked eye.  Bugs are very good at blending into their environment.  They can even look like something other than the bug that they are!


We do COUNTER- INTELLIGENCE SWEEPS.  A more commonly used term is, "De-Bugging Sweeps.  In the intelligence/investigative professions, a BUG is defined as a device which can be "planted" in a specific location in order to transmit information (intelligence) to an individual, or group of people, who are in need of this vital information.

Those individuals then use the retrieved information for personal or business purposes.  Usually to undermine or beat the competition or, as is the case with domestic situations, to get information relative to a divorce proceeding; to locate hidden assets; to find out what the other person is doing; custody cases, etc.  And...lets not forget that neighbor who just seems to know your every move!

Bugging someone is relatively simple.  It is merely a matter of purchasing the "bug" and then secretly planting it somewhere where the unsuspecting individual might reveal important information. 

We not only locate hidden bugs, The Bureau also can install mini cameras and devices for you.... to legally obtain critical information.  WE DO NOT INSTALL WIRE/PHONE TAPS!  Once bugs are installed by anyone, they can be monitored by computer; by phone; or by a T.V., and either in another room or completely off your premises. 

                                                   OKAY, GIVE ME AN EXAMPLE OF SOME BUGS;

PIN HOLE CAMERAS:  These little, tiny cameras can be as small as the size of a dime.  The lense is the size of a "pin hole."  A pinhole is the size of the viewing part of the camera.  The lense need only have a "pinhole" opening from which to look through.  That means that you can hide the camera in a book, a clock, a tape cassette case, an electric pencil sharpener, a picture or absolutely anything in which you could poke a pinhole in so the camera can see out!  Obviously, you will never be able to notice this tiny hole.  Therefore, you will not know you are being bugged!  Common locations for these hidden cameras are:  Public/private bathrooms; dressing rooms; offices; bedrooms; break rooms; conference rooms; locker rooms, etc.   Every move you make is seen on the screen as it is happening,  or recorded on tape for playback later.  YOU GET THE PICTURE, DON'T YOU??

PHONE/WIRE TAPS.  Yep, it's a Federal Law!  You cannot do a wire tap on anyone without an official court order!  But, do you think that law will stop your spouse or former lover , or even a disgruntled employee or business competitor from tapping your phone, home or office?  If you think need to take off the rose colored glasses!  People DO and CONTINUE TO tap other people.  They usually don't get caught because they never reveal what they did.  They just use the information against you at a critical it's time to win! 

A phone tap can be accomplished by using any number of devices.  These devices are usually attached to your phone or phone line and hidden from your view.  Among the most  devestating phone bugs is the "INFINITY BUG."  This small device is about one inch by about two inches.  Once it is planted, the person planting it need only go home, call your number and then listen!  Your phone won't ring, but the entire phone becomes a microphone EVEN WHEN ITS ON THE HOOK. Everything you talk about in any room in your home can be heard!  And, he/she can listen in on your home, from any phone in the world!!  You will never know that every whisper can be heard!  And, you can even look around your phone line but you won't see it anywhere unless you are an expert! Phone taps can be planted inside the home/office, or outside on the grounds, or even at the phone company itself.

TAPE/DEVICES.  Regular tape recorders with voice activation are cheap devices to use.  Hide one and then wait until someone talks.  The recorder automatically turns on and records the conversation.  They can be remotely hooked to your phone line as well, so that each side of a conversation may be heard and recorded. These come in an assortment of sizes and capabilities, depending on how much a person wants to spend.  Some can record up to a full week of information.

LISTENING DEVICES.  These come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Some listening devices (mini microphones) are contained inside pens, flowers, plants, just about anywhere a person could come up with...including of course, on the body.  They have even come up with a necktie having a mini transmitter inside! Baseball hats, rings, wrist watches, eye glasses, soda cans, and even cell phones can be turned into listening and watching devices!  So next time you say careful of what you say!  Chances are, someone IS listening!  Another listening device is called the Bionic Ear.  There are numerous varients on this, but generally speaking, it is a powerful microphone with something like a satellite dish attached to it which amplifies the sound.  You can be heard at distances up to one hundered yards or more!

GPS TRACKING DEVICES.  These items are based on satellite surveillance techniques.  They can be fixed to the undercarriage of your car, or under the hood or even under your seat!  They are sometimes contained in a small black box which is hardly noticable and attached to the car with a powerful magnet.  They are self-contained, meaning they have their own batteries so they are not connected to your car's power in any way.  As you start your car, the device turns itself on.  Then, it sends a beam to a satellite which bounces back to it and monitors your every stop, start, and mile you travel.  It will record the exact address (s) you have gone to and how long you stayed there.  This information is then downloaded to a computer for printing!  Your every move in black and white!  Amazing isn't it?  Don't want someone to know where you went?  Better make sure the GPS is not tracking you!

ORDINARY LOOKING DEVICES.  Look at your electric sockets in each room.  Notice anything strange about them?  Of course you don't!  What about your extra phone jacks in the wall?  Seem strange looking?  Nope!  How about the new alarm clock on your dresser?  Looks okay doesn't it?  Of course it does!  What about that old soda can lying outside near your porch?  Just a can, you say!  Guess what?  Bugs look exactly like these items, and all of them work as they are supposed to.  Plug in your lamp to the wall outlet and the light works!  Nothing wrong there!  Except that the outlet is actually a pretty classy bug doing what it is supposed to do....transmitting your every word!  Same goes with all the other items mentioned here!  They all work like they are supposed to but additionally, they do much, much more!

What you have just read is the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many devices out there that can be used against you that you'll never know them all!  The scary part is that they can be purchased cheaply and can be built quickly.  They are so tiny that you can't see them.  Radio Shack and other stores readily carry the components and in some cases, the actual items.  And there is always the "friend of a friend" who can get one for you, or for someone looking to get the "goods" on you! 

THE BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONS has the tools needed to detect and render harmless, most all devices used in most situations today.  We use state-of-the-art equipment to discover what YOU CAN'T FIND.  Whether its your office, home, car or boat, if you've got bugs, we can "exterminate" them quickly and efficiently.  We can even teach you how to "train" them to work for you!


DEBUGGING SWEEPS are time consuming.  It can take a few hours to even days, to complete a correct sweep!  They are not cheap!  Let me repeat that:  They are not cheap! You can figure on about $300 per room. (Each case is different.  It could be less or it could be more!)  To do one room correctly and completely it could take up to 8 hours (that's why it's not cheap!)   The question is:  If you are in the process of making one big business deal and are neck and neck with the competition, what price would you pay to make sure you beat them to the punch?  In the meantime,THEY might already be paying a high price to find out what YOUR next move is going to be!!  How do you think they might do that?

Perhaps you are terminating a relationship.  Custody involves assets, both hidden and visible.  How can someone find out where YOUR assets are?  Money is always an issue in marital splits.  Your phone is a perfect way to listen and find out what they need!

Or, maybe you suspect someone is stalking you.  They seem to know every move you are making.  What would you pay for piece of mind?  

Maybe someone is abusing your child...maybe not.  But what would you pay to have a bug installed in your home to find out for sure?

How about the phone conversations you have in private.  Are they REALLY private?

Divorce and custody cases can get nasty!  How easy do you think it is to install a bug to find out private particulars?

Is your spouse cheating?  Your other half may think so and decide to bug you to find out.  Nothing is safe if someone wants to find out all about you for whatever reason they seem to have.  Cars, phones, offices, bedrooms, homes, bathrooms, you name it.  The good thing is WE CAN FIND the bugs! 

THE BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION'S FEES CAN RANGE FROM AS LITTLE AS $300 TO THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.  It all depends on what you need, the size of the area to be swept, and the number of locations you need checked.  What is your privacy worth?  What is it worth to you to have confidence in the safety of your family, business or personal life?  Only you can decide the value you place on those things!



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